Michigan Native Butterfly Farm has a unique selection of books specific to butterflies. From Field Guides to flipbooks, our books help understand butterfly life cycles as well as how to identify butterflies. Browse our inventory of books below.

Butterflies in the Garden Book
Butterflies in the Garden Book

Learn About Butterflies in the Garden Want to have butterflies in your garden?Want to learn about the plants that will attract them? In this book you will find the plants needed to attract those winged beauties to your yard. Also … Read More

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Butterfly Metamorphosis Book
Butterfly Metamorphosis Book – Flipbook

The fascinating transformation of a caterpillar into a butterfly. Real cinematography reveals all stages, from the initial branch attachment to the emergence of a beautiful Monarch. Full color flipbook, glossy, 2″ X 4″

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Flipbook Activity Pack Butterfly
Flipbook Activity Pack Butterfly

This set of 25 Make-Your-Own Caterpillar To Butterfly flipbooks is ideal for classrooms, parties, camps, sleep-overs and group activities of all kinds. Includes 25 sets of pre-drawn perforated flipbook sheets, clips for binding, and instructions. Your 25 sets of sheets … Read More

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From Caterpillar To Butterfly Book - Red Admiral Butterfly Life Cycle
From Caterpillar to Butterfly Book – Red Admiral Butterfly Life Cycle

Suitable for National Curriculum Key Stage 1-2, a title in the LIFECYCLES series which follows a caterpillar as it grows, stage-by-stage, into a beautiful butterfly. Illustrated with full colour artwork by Carolyn Scrace.

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How to Raise Monarch Butterflies Book - Step by Step Guide
How to Raise Monarch Butterflies Book – Step by Step Guide

Observing a Monarch butterfly as it transforms itself from a black, white and yellow caterpillar and emerges from a chrysalis as a vivid orange, black and white butterfly is among the most thrilling experiences that nature offers. Raising Monarch butterflies … Read More

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The Family Butterfly Book
The Family Butterfly Book

This How To Guide Teaches You To Raise Your Own Butterflies. Learn How To Create The Butterfly Habitats Of 40 North American Butterflies!

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