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Black Swallowtail Butterfly Jewelry Bead


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The Black Swallowtail is adorned with yellow detailing along the wing border with one distinct orange and yellow eyespot. Beads are created individually from polymer clay with protective glaze. No two beads are exactly alike.

The (Eastern) Black Swallowtail (Papilio polyxenes), also called the American Swallowtail or Parsnip Swallowtail,[1] is a butterfly found throughout much of North America. It is the state butterfly of Oklahoma. An extremely similar-appearing species, Papilio joanae, occurs in the Ozark Mountains region, but it appears to be closely related to Papilio machaon, rather than P. polyxenes. The species is named after the figure in Greek mythology, Polyxena (pron.: /pÛé_lێksیnÛé/; Greek: Πολυξï_νη), who was the youngest daughter of King Priam of Troy.

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