Your butterflies are shipped to arrive the day before your event.

•   To ensure the timely arrival of your butterflies, we do not advise they be shipped to arrive the day of your event in case they are late or lost.

•   For Sunday events, we suggest the butterflies arrive on Friday as Saturday deliveries are costly and it eliminates the possibility of lost or late deliveries.

•   Please note that some locations do not have a Saturday delivery.

We cannot guarantee Saturday deliveries.

Shipping Process

For individual releases, your butterflies are carefully placed into the release envelope and then packed securely in a box with tissue paper to prevent them from being damaged during shipping.

Butterflies for mass release will be packaged to your specifications.  If you wish to transfer the butterflies from their shipping envelopes, we will carefully put them into glassine envelopes which are then placed in a small box to keep them secure during shipping.  We can also place the butterflies directly into the release box and ship them to you so you do not have to handle them.

Your butterflies are packed into an insulated box with an ice pack to keep them cool.  They are packed this way to protect them during shipment. This does not harm them, rather it puts them into a partial hibernation so they are fresh and ready for your event.  The ice pack is located at the bottom or side of the insulated box. The butterflies are then placed in the box and secured with tissue paper to prevent movement during the shipping process.

The box is securely taped closed and is now ready for shipping.

Instructions and any other information will be sent via email prior to your event.

Butterflies are shipped via UPS Next Day Air to arrive at your doorstep the next morning.  Most packages will be delivered between 10:30 am and 12:00 pm.  You will receive an email from the carrier with the tracking information.


Sometimes there can be shipping or delivery problems.  *It is your responsibility to track the progress of the package once it leaves our farm. However, we are happy to assist if there is a delivery issue. To best serve you, please contact us within one hour of your delivery deadline if you have not received your package. This allows us the opportunity to identify the cause of the delay and make arrangements to have the butterflies re-delivered or held for pick-up at a transit facility.

Please note that we cannot be responsible for late deliveries due to mechanical or extreme weather issues and therefore cannot issue refunds for orders not received due to circumstances beyond our control.

Each year Michigan Native Butterfly Farm ships thousands of butterflies safely across the United States to many happy customers. We take great care in packing your butterflies so you do not have to worry. We encourage you to call 734-347-0443 or contact us so we can answer any questions you might have concerning your order.

Our Guarantee – We guarantee that your butterflies will arrive alive.  We always include extras for the rare time that something may happen and to ensure you have the amount you ordered.  You must call within one hour of the delivery if there are any problems or the guarantee is void.  You may be asked to return any dead butterflies to get a refund so keep all packaging and be sure to take a photograph.

Plan to have someone available when the butterflies arrive or within an hour of their delivery deadline to ensure they have been delivered and properly cared for.  Butterflies left in the sun or exposed to the elements are not covered by our guarantee.

Please note there is a 3% processing fee on refunds for orders that are cancelled, that cannot be fulfilled due to time restraints (placing your order after 12:00 pm for a next day delivery) or availability (our website banner asks for an email to confirm availability if your order is placed less than five weeks in advance for Monarch orders).