How to Release Butterflies

Butterflies can be released in two ways – individually or en masse.

• An individual release is more personal and allows those you designate to be included in your event.

• For a mass release, butterflies are placed in a decorative box.

Individual Butterfly Release

For a more personal experience, an Individual Release is ideal. Butterflies are placed in personalized, keepsake envelopes and distributed to designated guests.  The envelopes are opened at the same time and the butterflies emerge and take flight, or sometimes land on the guests, much to their delight!

Our pricing includes complimentary personalized glassine envelopes for custom orders.

Custom envelopes are available in two styles and a variety of colors for $7.00 per dozen. Custom wedding orders must be received four weeks prior to your event to ensure your reservation.

Mass Butterfly Release

A Mass Release offers a dramatic display as the butterflies are released from a single source and take flight at the same time in a rush of color and beauty.

We offer a unique collection of boxes:

  • Keepsake Box – Attractive yet sturdy, this box is designed to ensure transferring butterflies is easy and flawless.  After the event, this box is perfect to store the special cards and keepsakes in memory of your special day!
  • Sinamay Box – Hand made of natural fiber, these popular boxes are available in natural, silver, and gold. These can be decorated with a ribbon in the color of your choice.
  • Accordion Box – This small box has a wide folded ribbon and the butterflies are gently placed between the folds.  The ribbon is attached to the lid so when you open the box, all of the butterflies are encouraged to fly at once.
  • Organza Box  –   Elegant and adorned with a silk ribbon.  Available in white (10×10) or silver (8×8)

For more information or to reserve butterflies,

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