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Little Basket of Joy
Little Basket of Joy – 1 Dozen Painted Lady Butterflies in Release Basket

Brighten someone’s day with a Little Basket of Joy.  This petite basket has 12 cheerful Painted Lady butterflies for release in celebration of Mother’s Day.  Baskets are $35 plus $25 flat rate shipping throughout the US. Local pickup available . Pre-order today!


Release Painted Lady butterflies at your special event!

Placing your order as soon as possible ensures butterflies for your event.

Care and release instructions are included.

Please note that weather impacts the success of a butterfly release and temperatures must be forecasted for a minimum of 65 degrees.

*We reserve the right to substitute butterflies of equal value if your order is placed fewer than four weeks in advance.

Click Here to see how your butterflies are shipped and our guarantee.

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100 Monarch Butterflies Individual Release
Monarch Butterfly Release

Monarchs for your Wedding, Funeral or Special Occasion

One dozen butterflies.

Release Monarch Butterflies at your special event! A Monarch butterfly release is a stunning option  – when Monarch butterflies are released they tend to soar and glide gracefully through the air.

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Keepsake Box
Monarch Butterfly Release: 3 Dozen in Keepsake Box

Monarch butterflies for your Wedding, Funeral, or Special Occasion.

This package includes three dozen monarch butterflies enclosed in a beautiful keepsake box for a mass release.  The butterflies are packaged in the box for your release so there is no transferring of butterflies – they are ready to soar!  Use the release box to store cards and other memorabilia from your event.

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#3 dozen - Painted Ladies in Glassine Envelopes
Painted Lady Butterfly Release

Painted Ladies for your Wedding, Funeral or Special Occasion

One dozen butterflies.

A Painted Lady butterfly release is an affordable option  – Painted Lady butterflies are small, friendly butterflies with a lower flight pattern and often fly away quickly when released but they are also known to linger near the release site and even land on people!

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